Contracts and Forms Index

Executive summary:

The Forms & Agreements portion of BitLaw provides access to forms and example contracts relating to intellectual property and the Internet. This section is designed as a resource for attorneys. Although the information in this section might prove useful for those non-attorneys drafting their own contracts or conducting business with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, this is not the intent of this section. Since every agreement must be drafted to reflect the circumstances of the parties, the use of an unaltered form agreement is usually inappropriate. In addition, since many of the forms referred to in this section are located outside of BitLaw, using these forms as is may raise copyright concerns. As a result, the information in this section should be used solely by attorneys to aid in the drafting of intellectual property and Internet agreements.

The Forms & Agreements section is divided into the following parts:

Employment and Contractor Agreements

Internet Policies

Software Licenses

Sales, Assignments, and Distribution

Software and Web Site Development Agreements