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This Guidance is provided by the attorneys of Tysver Beck Evans. While the main portion of Bitlaw is designed to give legal summaries of intellectual property law as well as provide access to primary legal sources, this Guidance section is different. Here we want to provide you with a bit of guidance on how to approach all this stuff, and maybe even enable you to make some practical use of the information available. So keep reading, dig in, and if you have questions just give us a call.

Legal Stuff

Of course we have to have some caveats and limitations here:

The legal information provided in Bitlaw Guidance should be distinguished from actual legal advice. Legal information is a description of the law and how it might apply to various hypothetical situations. Legal advice is advice given by a licensed attorney about how the law applies to your situation. Legal advice can be relied upon to make decisions. Legal information--even that found in Bitlaw Guidance--is not actual legal advice that should be relied upon. Since every fact situation is different, we encourage you to contact a qualified attorney before making any decision on how to handle your particular situation. Of course, the attorneys at Tysver Beck Evans would be happy to help you.

So if you can live with that bit of hedging, we think you will find the various topics of Bitlaw Guidance to be of sufficient interest and informative value to help guide you along a path to making better and informed decisions about your intellectual property.

This guidance is provided by the attorneys of Tysver Beck Evans. Please contact us if you need help protecting your intellectual property. The legal information provided in this guidance should be distinguished from actual legal advice. Please see the Guidance index page for more information.