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Guidance on Patent Prosecution--Section 101 (Patent Subject Matter Eligibility)

The following pages provide guidance on how to analyze and respond to section 101 rejections at the patent office, or section 101 claims of invalidity against issued patents.

What is a Section 101 Rejection

Section 101 Rejections

Four statutory categories under Section 101

Non-statutory exceptions to subject matter eligibility

Overview of the Alice text

Applying Step One of the Alice test

Overview of step one of the Alice test

Analyzing step one for abstract ideas

Analyzing step one for natural phenomena

Applying the Markedly Different Characteristics test

Applying Step Two of the Alice test

Overview--Searching for an "inventive concept"

Evaluating the "conventionality" of the claim elements

What is enough for inventive concept?

The machine-or-transformation test

How to argue against a Section 101 Rejection

Responding to a statutory rejection (outside four categories)

Proving patent eligibility under step one

Proving patent eligibility under step two

Legal Stuff

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