Primary Sources Index

Most of the original source materials needed to practice intellectual property law are now available for free over the Internet. Statutes, regulations, case law, and patent office documents can be found on numerous websites. The goal of this Source Materials section of BitLaw is to provide these essential documents at one location. Each of these documents has been custom formatted for BitLaw.

A word of caution on accuracy and timeliness: It is very difficult to assure the timeliness and accuracy of government documents that are available over the Internet. The following web pages are custom formatted documents created from source files found on the Internet. As a result, they cannot be any more timely than the files from which they were created. In addition, although every effort was made to maintain the accuracy of these documents, that accuracy cannot be assured or guaranteed. Consequently, these documents should not be relied upon as the basis for a legal or business decision. Such decisions should be based upon the advice of an experienced attorney.

The index on this page is divided into five parts:



Regulations (37 C.F.R.)

Patent and Trademark Office Documents

Case Law