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Abandonment of application:  For failure to file statement of use: 1(d)(4)
     For failure to respond to Office action: 12(b)
     Revival of abandoned application: 12(b)
Abandonment of mark:
     Cancellation of registration: 14(3), 24
     Definition of: 45
Acknowledgments: 11
Acquiescence in inter partes proceedings: 19
Action of Commissioner in inter partes proceedings: 18
Affidavit or declaration:
     Claiming benefits of Act of 1946: 12(c)
     For incontestability: 15
     Of use in commerce or excusable nonuse: 8
     Marks registered under prior acts and published under section 12(c) : 8(b)
     Notification of acceptance or refusal: 8(c)
     Requirement: 8(a)
     To avoid cancellation at end of 6 years: 8
Amendment to allege use: 1(c)
     Of application: 12(b)
     Of certificate of registration: 7(e)
Antitrust violation as a defense: 33(b)(7)
     Pending on effective date of Act: 47(b)
     To Trademark Trial and Appeal Board: 20
     To United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit: 21(a)
     To United States District Court: 21(b)
     Definition of: 45
     Foreign, designation of domestic representative: 1(e)
     Mistake in registration through the fault of: 7(h)
Application for registration:
     Combined (plurality of classes): 30
     Concurrent use: 1(a), 2(d), 17, 18
     Examination of: 12(a), 23(b)
     Filing bases:
     Foreign application (priority) : 44(d)
     Foreign registration: 44(e)
     Intent to use: 1(b)
     Use in commerce: 1(a)
     Pending on effective date of Act: 47(a)
     Principal Register: 1
     Supplemental Register: 23
     Certificate of registration may be issued to: 7(d)
     New certificate in name of: 7(d)
     Not domiciled in United States: 10
Assignment of mark:
     New certificate after: 7(d)
     Recording in Patent and Trademark Office: 10
Authentication of copies of records: 7(f)


Cancellation of registration:
     By court: 37
     By registrant: 7(e)
     For failure to file affidavit or declaration during sixth year: 8
     On Principal Register: 14
     On Supplemental Register: 24
     Petition by Federal Trade Commission: 14
     Procedure: 17, 18
     Specified grounds for: 14
Certificate of correction: 7(g), 7(h)
Certificate of registration:
     Amendment: 7(e)
Contents: 7(a)
Correction: 7(g), 7(h)
     Evidence7(b), 33
     May be issued to assignee: 7(d)
     Principal Register: 7(a)
     Supplemental Register: 25
     Surrender for cancellation: 7(e)
Certification mark:
Cancellation: 14(5)
     Definition of: 45
     Registrability: 4
Certified copies of registrations and records: 7(f)
Citizenship of applicant: 1(a)(1)(A), 1(b)(1)(A)
Civil action:
     False designations of origin: 43(a)
     False statements, civil liability: 38
     Review of decision of Commissioner or of Trademark Trial and Appeal
     Board: 21
Claim of benefits of Act of 1946 for marks registered under prior acts: 12(c)
Classification of goods and services: 30
Coat of arms or other insignia of government: 2(b)
Collective mark:
     Definition of: 45
     Registrability: 4
Colorable imitation, definition of: 45
Combined application: 30
Commerce, definition of: 45
Commercial name, definition of: 45
Commercial names of foreigners protected: 44(g)
Commissioner, definition of: 45
Conclusive evidence of registrant's exclusive right to use mark: 33(b)
Concurrent use: 1(a), 2(d), 12(a), 17, 18
Consent of living individual: 2(c)
Construction and definitions of Act of 1946: 45
Constructive notice: 22
Constructive use, filing as: 7(c)
Contested or inter partes proceedings: 16-21
Correction of mistake by applicant in certificate: 7(h)
Correction of Office mistake in certificate: 7(g)
Counterfeit, definition of: 45
Counterfeit mark, defined: 34(d)(1)(B)
Country of origin, defined: 44(c)
Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, appeal to: 21
Courts, jurisdiction, power, decrees, and orders: 37, 39


Damages for infringement, recovery of: 35
Date of first use: 1(a)(1)(A)
Date of first use in commerce: 1(a)(1)(A), 1(d)(1)
Deceptive matter not registrable: 2(a)
Defenses against incontestable registration: 33(b)
Definitions in Act of 1946: 45
Delay in responding to Office action: 12(b)
Descriptive marks: 2(e)
Designation of domestic representative by foreign applicant or registrant.1(e), 9(c), 10
Destruction of infringing matter: 36
     Of registration in part: 7(e)
     Of unregistrable component of mark: 6
Display alteration: 39(b)
Distinctiveness: 2(f), (b), 27
Domestic representative of foreign applicant or registrant: 1(e), 9(c), 10
Domicile of applicant: 1(a)(1)(A), 1(b)(1)(A)
Drawing1(a)(1)(B), 1(b)(1)(B)
Duration of registration: 8(a), 9(a), 51


Effective date of Act of 1946: 46(a)
Equitable principles applicable in inter partes proceedings: 19
Estoppel in inter partes proceedings: 19
     Certificate of registration as: 7(b), 33
     Certified copies of Patent and Trademark Office records as: 7(f)
Examination of applications: 12(a), 23(b)
Excusable nonuse: 8
Extension of time:
     For filing opposition: 13(a)
     For filing statement of use: 1(d)(2)


Facsimiles as specimens: 1(a)(1)(C), 1(d)(1), 8(a), 9(a)
Failure to respond to Office action: 12(b)
Fair use: 33(b)(4)
False designation of origin and false description forbidden: 43
False or fraudulent registration, civil liability for: 38
Falsely suggestive matter not registrable: 2(a)
Federal courts, jurisdiction of: 39(a)
Federal Trade Commission, application for cancellation by: 14
Fees and charges: 31
Filing date, effective, of application with right of priority: 44(d)
Final refusal of application: 12(b)
Flag of nation, state, or municipality: 2(b)
Foreign applicant or registrant, designation of domestic representative: 1(e), 9(c), 10
Foreign applicant for renewal: 9(c)
Foreign assignee: 10
Foreign nationals, rights of also available to United States citizens: 44(i)
Foreign owner of trademark, rights of: 44(b)
Foreign protection, registration required for: 23
Foreign registrations: 44(e)
     Independence of: 44(f)
     Certified copy of: 44(e)
     Prior: 44(c)
Fraudulent registration: 14(3), 33(b)


Generic name: 14(3), 15(4), 45
Geographical marks: 2(e)(2)
Goods and services, classification of: 30
Goodwill, assignment of: 10


Immoral matter not registrable: 2(a)
     Of goods bearing false designation of origin or false description forbidden: 43(b)
     Of goods bearing infringing mark forbidden: 42
     Not stopped by registration on Supplemental Register or registration under Act of March 19, 1920: 28
     Defenses against: 33(b)
     Freedom from interference: 16
     Of right to use mark: 15
Indications of regional origin: 2(e)(2), 4
Injunction against infringement: 34
Innocent infringement: 32(2)
Intent of Act, definition of: 45
Intent-to-use application:
     Amendment to allege use: 1(c)
     Assignment: 10
     Extension of time for filing statement of use: 1(d)(2)
     Filing: 1(b)
     Notice of allowance: 1(d), 13(b)(2)
     Statement of use: 1(d)
Inter-American Conventions: 44(b)
Interference: 16, 17, 18
International bureaus and conventions: 44(a)
International Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property: 44(b)
Inter partes proceedings: 16-19


Jurisdiction of federal courts: 39(a)
Juristic person, definition of: 45


Laches in inter partes proceedings: 19


Mark, definition of: 45
Marks registrable on Principal Register: 2
Marks registrable on Supplemental Register: 23
Marks under section 12(c) not subject to opposition; subject to cancellation: 12(c), 14
Misdescriptive marks: 2(e)
Misrepresentation as ground for cancellation: 14(3)
Mistake in registration:
     Through fault of applicant: 7(h)
     Through fault of Patent and Trademark Office: 7(g)


Name of living individual or deceased President: 2(c)
New certificate on change of ownership: 7(d)
Nonuse due to special circumstances: 8
Notaries public: 11
Notice, constructive: 22
Notice of allowance: 1(d), 13(b)(2)
Notice of application for concurrent registration: 2(d)
Notice of claim of benefits of 1946 Act: 12(c)
Notice of registrant's claim of ownership of mark by registration on
Principal Register: 22
Notice of publication under section 12(c) : 12(c)
Notice of registration given by registrant: 29
Notice of registration published in Official Gazette: 13(b)(1)
Notice to Commissioner of suits filed in court: 21, 34
Notification of acceptance or refusal
     Of statement of use: 1(d)(3)
     Of section 8 affidavit or declaration: 8(c)
Notification of refusal to renew registration: 9(b)


Oaths, before whom made: 11
Opposition not available against mark on Supplemental Register: 24, 26
Opposition to registration of mark on Principal Register: 13, 17-19


Person, definition of: 45
Petition to cancel: 14, 23
Petition to revive abandoned application: 12(b)
Portrait of living individual or deceased President: 2(c)
Power of court over marks and registrations: 37
Prima facie evidence of registrant's exclusive right to use: 7(b), 33(a)
Principal Register: 1-22
     Definition of: 45
Printers and publishers, innocent infringement by: 32(2)
Prior acts:
     Reference to, in definition section: 45
     Repeal of: 46(a)
     Status of registrations existing under: 46(b)
Priority, right of: 44(d)
Profits and damages for infringement: 32, 35
Publication in Official Gazette:
     Of claim of benefits under section 12(c) for marks registered under prior acts: 12(c)
     Of mark when found registrable: 12(a)


Recording of assignment: 10
Recovery for violation of rights: 35
Rectification of register by order of court: 37
Reexamination of application: 12(b)
Refusal of registration: 12(b), 23
Regional origin, indication of: 2(e)(2), 4
Registered mark, definition of: 45
Registrability of:
     Collective and certification marks: 4
     Marks in plurality of classes: 30
     Marks on Principal Register: 2
     Marks on Supplemental Register: 23
     Service marks: 3
     Claiming benefits of 1946 Act: 12(c)
     Definition of: 45
Registration as notice of registrant's claim of ownership: 22
Registration notice: 29
Registration required for foreign protection: 23
Registrations under prior acts, effect of Act of 1946: 46(b)
Related company:
     Definition of: 45
     Use by: 5
Remedies: 32-39
Renewal of registration:
     Application for: 9(a)
     Foreign applicant for: 9(c)
     Notification by Commissioner of refusal: 9(b)
     Term of: 9(a)
Repeal of prior acts: 46(a)
Representations, false: 38, 43(a)
Request for extension of time:
     To file opposition: 13(a)
     To file statement of use: 1(d)(2)
Reregistration of marks registered under prior acts: 46(b)
Resemblance to other marks: 2(d)
Response to Office action: 12(b)
Revival of abandoned applications: 12(b)
Right of priority: 44(d)
Rights in marks acquired in good faith prior to effective date of Act of 1946: 49


Scandalous matter not registrable: 2(a)
Section 8 affidavit or declaration: 8
Section 15 affidavit or declaration: 15
Service mark
     Definition of: 45
     Registrability of: 3
Severability of provisions of Act of 1946: 50
Signature of living individual or deceased President: 2(c)
Single certificate for one mark registered in plurality of classes: 30
Specimens showing use of mark: 1(a)(1)(C), 1(d)(1), 8(a), 9(a)
Statement of use: 1(d)
Supplemental Register: 23-28
     Cancellation of mark registered on: 24
     Certificate of registration on: 25
     Definition of: 45
     Provisions of act applicable: 26
Surname: 2(e)(3)
Surrender of certificate of registration: 7(e)


Ten-year proviso, effect of marks registered under: 46(b)
Term of registration: 8(a), 9(a), 51
     For amendment of application: 12(b)
     For applying to renew registration: 9(a)
     For filing affidavit or declaration to avoid cancellation: 8
     For filing opposition: 13(a)
     For filing petition for cancellation: 14
Trademark, definition of: 45
Trademark Trial and Appeal Board: 17
Trade name, definition of: 45
Trade names of foreigners protected: 44(g)
Treasury Department to keep record of marks transmitted to it: 42


Unfair competition, protection of foreigners against: 44(h)
United States, definition of: 45
United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, appeal to: 21(a)
United States District Court, appeal to: 21(b)
Use in commerce:
     Affidavit or declaration of: 8
     By related companies: 5
     Date of first: 1(a)(1)(A), 1(d)(1)
     Definition of: 45


Verification of application: 1(a)(1)(A), 1(b)(1)(A)
Verifications: 11