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35 U.S.C. 372, National stage: Requirements and procedure

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35 U.S.C. 372 National stage: Requirements and procedure.

(a) All questions of substance and, within the scope of the requirements of the treaty and Regulations, procedure in an international application designating the United States shall be determined as in the case of national applications regularly filed in the Patent and Trademark Office.

(b) In case of international applications designating but not originating in, the United States -

(1) the Director may cause to be reexamined questions relating to form and contents of the application in accordance with the requirements of the treaty and the Regulations;

(2) the Director may cause the question of unity of invention to be reexamined under section 121 of this title, within the scope of the requirements of the treaty and the Regulations; and

(3) the Director may require a verification of the translation of the international application or any other document pertaining to the application if the application or other document was filed in a language other than English.

(Added Nov. 14, 1975, Public Law 94-131, sec. 1, 89 Stat. 689; amended Nov. 8, 1984, Public Law 98-622, sec. 402(e), (f), 403(a), 98 Stat. 3392; Nov. 29, 1999, Public Law 106-113, sec. 1000(a)(9), 113 Stat. 1501A-582 (S. 1948 sec. 4732(a)(10)(A)).)

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