37 CFR 102.10: Appeals from initial determinations or untimely delays

Taken from the Ninth Edition of the MPEP, Revision 08.2017, Last Revised in January 2018

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102.10    Appeals from initial determinations or untimely delays.

  • (a) If a request for records is initially denied in whole or in part, or has not been timely determined, or if a requester receives an adverse initial determination regarding any other matter under this subpart (as described in § 102.7(b) ), the requester may file a written appeal, which must be received by the Office of General Counsel within thirty calendar days of the date of the written denial or, if there has been no determination, may be submitted anytime after the due date, including the last extension under § 102.6(c), of the determination.
  • (b) Appeals shall be decided by a Deputy General Counsel. Appeals should be addressed to the General Counsel, United States Patent and Trademark Office, PO Box 1450, Alexandria, Virginia 22313-1450. Both the letter and the appeal envelope should be clearly marked "Freedom of Information Appeal". The appeal must include a copy of the original request and the initial denial, if any, and may include a statement of the reasons why the records requested should be made available and why the initial denial, if any, was in error. No opportunity for personal appearance, oral argument or hearing on appeal is provided.
  • (c) If an appeal is granted, the person making the appeal shall be immediately notified and copies of the releasable documents shall be made available promptly thereafter upon receipt of appropriate fees determined in accordance with § 102.11.
  • (d) If no determination of an appeal has been sent to the requester within the twenty-working-day period specified in § 102.6(b) or the last extension thereof, the requester is deemed to have exhausted his administrative remedies with respect to the request, giving rise to a right of judicial review under 5 U.S.C. 552(a)(6)(C). If the person making a request initiates a civil action against USPTO based on the provision in this paragraph, the administrative appeal process may continue.
  • (e) A determination on appeal shall be in writing and, when it denies records in whole or in part, the letter to the requester shall include:
    • (1) A brief explanation of the basis for the denial, including a list of applicable FOIA exemptions and a description of how the exemptions apply;
    • (2) A statement that the decision is final;
    • (3) Notification that judicial review of the denial is available in the United States district court for the district in which the requester resides or has its principal place of business, the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia, or the District of Columbia; and
    • (4) The name and title or position of the official responsible for denying the appeal.
[Added, 65 FR 52916, Aug. 31, 2000, effective Oct. 2, 2000; para. (b) revised, 68 FR 14332, Mar. 25, 2003, effective May 1, 2003]