37 CFR Part 102 Index

Disclosure Of Government Information

Taken from the Ninth Edition of the MPEP, Revision 07.2015, Last Revised in November 2015

Part 102 - Disclosure Of Government Information

Subpart A - Freedom Of Information Act

§102.1: General.

§102.2: Public Reference Facilities.

§102.3: Records Under Foia.

§102.4: Requirements For Making Requests.

§102.5: Responsibility For Responding To Requests.

§102.6: Time Limits And Expedited Processing.

§102.7: Responses To Requests.

§102.9: Business Information.

§102.10: Appeals From Initial Determinations Or Untimely Delays.

§102.11: Fees.

Subpart B - Privacy Act

§102.21: Purpose And Scope.

§102.22: Definitions.

§102.23: Procedures For Making Inquiries.

§102.24: Procedures For Making Requests For Records.

§102.25: Disclosure Of Requested Records To Individuals.

§102.26: Special Procedures: Medical Records.

§102.27: Procedures For Making Requests For Correction Or Amendment.

§102.28: Review Of Requests For Correction Or Amendment.

§102.29: Appeal Of Initial Adverse Determination On Correction Or Amendment.

§102.30: Disclosure Of Record To Person Other Than The Individual To Whom It Pertains.

§102.31: Fees.

§102.32: Penalties.

§102.33: General Exemptions.

§102.34: Specific Exemptions.