37 CFR Part 104 Index

Legal Processes

Taken from the Ninth Edition of the MPEP, Revision 07.2015, Last Revised in November 2015

Part 104 - Legal Processes

Subpart A - General Provisions

§104.1: Definitions.

§104.2: Address For Mail And Service; Telephone Number.

§104.3: Waiver Of Rules.

§104.4: Relationship Of This Part To The Federal Rules Of Civil Or Criminal Procedure.

Subpart B - Service Of Process

§104.11: Scope And Purpose.

§104.12: Acceptance Of Service Of Process.

Subpart C - Employee Testimony And Production Of Documents In Legal Proceedings

§104.21: Scope And Purpose.

§104.22: Demand For Testimony Or Production Of Documents.

§104.23: Expert Or Opinion Testimony.

§104.24: Demands Or Requests In Legal Proceedings For Records Protected By Confidentiality Statutes.

Subpart D - Employee Indemnification

§104.31: Scope.

§104.32: Procedure For Requesting Indemnification.

Subpart E - Tort Claims

§104.41: Procedure For Filing Claims.

§104.42: Finality Of Settlement Or Denial Of Claims.