37 CFR Part 11 Index

Representation Of Others Before The United States Patent And Trademark Office

Taken from the Ninth Edition of the MPEP, Revision 07.2015, Last Revised in November 2015

Part 11 - Representation Of Others Before The United States Patent And Trademark Office

Subpart A - General Provisions

General Information

§11.1: Definitions.

§11.2: Director Of The Office Of Enrollment And Discipline.

§11.3: Suspension Of Rules.

Subpart B - Recognition To Practice Before The USPTO

Patents, Trademarks, And Other Non-Patent Law

§11.4: [Reserved]

§11.5: Register Of Attorneys And Agents In Patent Matters; Practice Before The Office.

§11.6: Registration Of Attorneys And Agents.

§11.7: Requirements For Registration.

§11.8: Oath And Registration Fee.

§11.9: Limited Recognition In Patent Matters.

§11.10: Restrictions On Practice In Patent Matters.

§11.11: Administrative Suspension, Inactivation, Resignation, And Readmission.

§§11.12-11.13: [Reserved]

§11.14: Individuals Who May Practice Before The Office In Trademark And Other Non-Patent Matters.

§11.15: Refusal To Recognize A Practitioner.

§§11.16-11.17: [Reserved]

§11.18: Signature And Certificate For Correspondence Filed In The Office.

Subpart C - Investigations And Disciplinary Proceedings; Jurisdiction, Sanctions, Investigations, And Proceedings

§11.19: Disciplinary Jurisdiction; Jurisdiction To Transfer To Disability Inactive Status.

§11.20: Disciplinary Sanctions; Transfer To Disability Inactive Status.

§11.21: Warnings.

§11.22: Disciplinary Investigations.

§11.23: Committee On Discipline.

§11.24: Reciprocal Discipline.

§11.25: Interim Suspension And Discipline Based Upon Conviction Of Committing A Serious Crime.

§11.26: Settlement.

§11.27: Exclusion On Consent.

§11.28: Incapacitated Practitioners In A Disciplinary Proceeding.

§11.29: Reciprocal Transfer Or Initial Transfer To Disability Inactive Status.

§§11.30-11.31: [Reserved]

§11.32: Instituting A Disciplinary Proceeding.

§11.33: [Reserved]

§11.34: Complaint.

§11.35: Service Of Complaint.

§11.36: Answer To Complaint.

§11.37: [Reserved]

§11.38: Contested Case.

§11.39: Hearing Officer; Appointment; Responsibilities; Review Of Interlocutory Orders; Stays.

§11.40: Representative For Oed Director Or Respondent.

§11.41: Filing Of Papers.

§11.42: Service Of Papers.

§11.43: Motions.

§11.44: Hearings.

§11.45: Amendment Of Pleadings.

§§11.46-11.48: [Reserved]

§11.49: Burden Of Proof.

§11.50: Evidence.

§11.51: Depositions.

§11.52: Discovery.

§11.53: Proposed Findings And Conclusions; Post-Hearing Memorandum.

§11.54: Initial Decision Of Hearing Officer.

§11.55: Appeal To The Uspto Director.

§11.56: Decision Of The Uspto Director.

§11.57: Review Of Final Decision Of The Uspto Director.

§11.58: Duties Of Disciplined Or Resigned Practitioner, Or Practitioner On Disability Inactive Status.

§11.59: Dissemination Of Disciplinary And Other Information.

§11.60: Petition For Reinstatement.

§§11.61-11.99: [Reserved]

Subpart D - USPTO Rules Of Professional Conduct

§11.100: [Reserved]

Client-Practitioner Relationship

§11.101: Competence.

§11.102: Scope Of Representation And Allocation Of Authority Between Client And Practitioner.

§11.103: Diligence.

§11.104: Communication.

§11.105: Fees.

§11.106: Confidentiality Of Information.

§11.107: Conflict Of Interest; Current Clients.

§11.108: Conflict Of Interest; Current Clients; Specific Rules.

§11.109: Duties To Former Clients.

§11.110: Imputation Of Conflicts Of Interest; General Rule.

§11.111: Former Or Current Federal Government Employees.

§11.112: Former Judge, Arbitrator, Mediator Or Other Third-Party Neutral.

§11.113: Organization As Client.

§11.114: Client With Diminished Capacity.

§11.115: Safekeeping Property.

§11.116: Declining Or Terminating Representation.

§11.117: Sale Of Law Practice.

§11.118: Duties To Prospective Client.

§§11.119-11.200: [Reserved]


§11.201: Advisor.

§11.202: [Reserved]

§11.203: Evaluation For Use By Third Persons.

§11.204: Practitioner Serving As Third-Party Neutral.

§§11.205-11.300: [Reserved]


§11.301: Meritorious Claims And Contentions.

§11.302: Expediting Proceedings.

§11.303: Candor Toward The Tribunal.

§11.304: Fairness To Opposing Party And Counsel.

§11.305: Impartiality And Decorum Of The Tribunal.

§11.306: Trial Publicity.

§11.307: Practitioner As Witness.

§11.308: [Reserved]

§11.309: Advocate In Nonadjudicative Proceedings.

§§11.310--11.400: [Reserved]

Transactions With Persons Other Than Clients

§11.401: Truthfulness In Statements To Others.

§11.402: Communication With Person Represented By A Practitioner.

§11.403: Dealing With Unrepresented Person.

§11.404: Respect For Rights Of Third Persons.

§§11.405-11.500: [Reserved]

Law Firms And Associations

§11.501: Responsibilities Of Partners, Managers, And Supervisory Practitioners.

§11.502: Responsibilities Of A Subordinate Practitioner.

§11.503: Responsibilities Regarding Non-Practitioner Assistance.

§11.504: Professional Independence Of A Practitioner.

§11.505: Unauthorized Practice Of Law.

§11.506: Restrictions On Right To Practice.

§11.507: Responsibilities Regarding Law-Related Services.

§§11.508--11.700: [Reserved]

Information About Legal Services

§11.701: Communications Concerning A Practitioner's Services.

§11.702: Advertising.

§11.703: Direct Contact With Prospective Clients.

§11.704: Communication Of Fields Of Practice And Specialization.

§11.705: Firm Names And Letterheads.

§§11.706-11.800: [Reserved]

Maintaining The Integrity Of The Profession

§11.801: Registration, Recognition And Disciplinary Matters.

§11.802: Judicial And Legal Officials.

§11.803: Reporting Professional Misconduct.

§11.804: Misconduct.

§§11.805-11.900: [Reserved]

§11.901: Savings Clause.