37 CFR 1.178: Original patent; continuing duty of applicant

Taken from the Ninth Edition of the MPEP, Revision 08.2017, Last Revised in January 2018

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1.178    Original patent; continuing duty of applicant.

  • (a) The application for reissue of a patent shall constitute an offer to surrender that patent, and the surrender shall take effect upon reissue of the patent. Until a reissue application is granted, the original patent shall remain in effect.
  • (b) In any reissue application before the Office, the applicant must call to the attention of the Office any prior or concurrent proceedings in which the patent (for which reissue is requested) is or was involved, such as interferences or trials before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board, reissues, reexaminations, or litigations and the results of such proceedings (see also § 1.173(a)(1) ).
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