37 CFR 211.6
Methods of affixation and placement of mask work notice.

Last updated in November 2005.
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§211.6 Methods of affixation and placement of mask work notice.

General. (1) This section specifies methods of affixation and placement of the mask work notice that will satisfy the notice requirement in section 909 of title 17 U.S.C. A notice deemed "acceptable" under this regulation shall be considered to satisfy the requirement of that section that it be affixed "in such manner and location as to give reasonable notice" of protection. As provided in that section, the examples specified in this regulation shall not be considered exhaustive of the methods of affixation and positions giving reasonable notice of the claim of protection in a mask work.
The acceptability of a mask work notice under these regulations shall depend upon its being legible under normal conditions of use, and affixed in such manner and position that, when affixed, it may be viewed upon reasonable examination.
Elements of mask work notice. The elements of a mask work notice shall consist of:
The words mask work, the symbol "M" or the symbol [the letter M in a circle]; and
The name of the owner or owners of the mask work or an abbreviation by which the name is recognized or is generally known.
Methods of affixation and placement of the notice. In the case of a mask work fixed in a semiconductor chip product, the following locations are acceptable:
A gummed or other label securely affixed or imprinted upon the package or other container used as a permanent receptacle for the product; or
A notice imprinted or otherwise affixed in or on the top or other visible layer of the product.