37 CFR 251.15
Transcripts of closed meetings.

Last updated in November 2005.
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§251.15 Transcripts of closed meetings.

All meetings closed to the public shall be subject either to a complete transcript or, in the case of § 251.13(h) and at the discretion of the Copyright Arbitration Royalty Panel, detailed minutes. Detailed minutes shall describe all matters discussed, identify all documents considered, summarize action taken as well as the reasons for it, and record all roll call votes as well as any views expressed.
Such transcripts or minutes shall be kept by the Copyright Office for at least two years, or for at least one year after the conclusion of the proceedings, whichever is later. Any portion of transcripts of meetings which the chairperson of a CARP does not feel is exempt from disclosure under § 251.13 will ordinarily be available to the public within 20 working days of the meeting. Transcripts or minutes of closed meetings will be reviewed by the chairperson at the end of the proceedings of the panel and, if at that time the chairperson determines that they should be disclosed, he or she will resubmit the question to the CARP to gain authorization for their disclosure.