37 CFR 251.38
Billing and commitment to standards.

Last updated in November 2005.
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§251.38 Billing and commitment to standards.

Arbitrators are bound by the hourly or daily fee they proposed to the Librarian of Congress when their names were submitted to be listed under § 251.3, and shall not bill in excess of their proposed charges.
Arbitrators shall not charge the parties any expense in addition to their hourly or daily charge, except, in the case of an arbitrator who resides outside the Washington, DC metropolitan area, for travel, lodging, and meals not to exceed the government rate.
When submitting their statement of costs to the parties under § 251.54, arbitrators shall include a detailed account of their charges, including the work performed during each hour or day charged.
Except for support services provided by the Library of Congress, arbitrators shall perform their own work, including research, analysis of the record, and decision-writing.
At the time of selection, arbitrators shall sign an agreement stating that they will abide by all the terms therein, including all of the standards of conduct and billing restrictions specified in this subpart. Any arbitrator who does not sign the agreement will not be selected to serve.