37 CFR 251.44
Filing and service of written cases and pleadings.

Last updated in November 2005.
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§251.44 Filing and service of written cases and pleadings.

Filing of pleadings. In a royalty fee distribution proceeding or in a rate adjustment proceeding, the submitting party shall deliver an original and five copies of all filings to the Copyright Office at the address listed in § 251.1, unless otherwise instructed by the Librarian of Congress or the CARP. The Copyright Office will make further distribution to the CARP, as necessary. In no case shall a party tender any written case or pleading by facsimile transmission.
Exhibits. All exhibits must be included with a party's case; however, in the case of exhibits whose bulk or whose cost of reproduction would unnecessarily encumber the record or burden the party, the Librarian of Congress or the CARP may reduce the number of required copies. Nevertheless, a complete copy must still be submitted to the Copyright Office.
English language translations. In all filings with a CARP or the Librarian of Congress, each submission that is in a language other than English shall be accompanied by an English-language translation, duly verified under oath to be a true translation. Any other party to the proceeding may, in response, submit its own English-language translation, similarly verified.
Affidavits. The testimony of each witness in a party's written case, direct or rebuttal, shall be accompanied by an affidavit or a declaration made pursuant to 28 U.S.C. 1746 supporting the testimony.
Subscription and verification. (1) The original of all documents filed by any party represented by counsel shall be signed by at least one attorney of record and shall list the attorney's address and telephone number. All copies shall be conformed. Except for English-language translations, written cases, or when otherwise required, documents signed by the attorney for a party need not be verified or accompanied by an affidavit. The signature of an attorney constitutes certification that to the best of his or her knowledge and belief there is good ground to support the document, and that it has not been interposed for purposes of delay.
The original of all documents filed by a party not represented by counsel shall be signed by that party and list that party's address and telephone number.
The original of a document that is not signed, or is signed with the intent to defeat the purpose of this section, may be stricken as sham and false, and the matter shall proceed as though the document had not been filed.
Service. The Librarian of Congress shall compile and distribute to those parties who have filed a notice of intent to participate, the official service list of the proceeding, which shall be composed of the names and addresses of the representatives of all the parties to the proceeding. In all filings, a copy shall be served upon counsel of all other parties identified in the service list, or, if the party is unrepresented by counsel, upon the party itself. Proof of service shall accompany the filing. Parties shall notify the Librarian of any change in the name or address to which service shall be made, and shall serve a copy of such notification on all parties and the CARP.
Oppositions and replies. Except as otherwise provided in this part or by the Librarian of Congress or a CARP, oppositions to motions shall be filed within seven business days of the filing of the motion, and replies to oppositions shall be filed within five business days of the filing of the opposition. Each party must serve all motions, petitions, objections, oppositions, and replies on the other parties or their counsel by means no slower than overnight express mail on the same day the pleading is filed.