37 CFR 254.2
Definition of coin-operated phonorecord player.

Last updated in November 2005.
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§254.2 Definition of coin-operated phonorecord player.

As used in this part, the term coin-operated phonorecord player is a machine or device that:

Is employed solely for the performance of nondramatic musical works by means of phonorecords upon being activated by insertion of coins, currency, tokens, or other monetary units or their equivalent;
Is located in an establishment making no direct or indirect charge for admission;
Is accompanied by a list of the titles of all the musical works available for performance on it, which list is affixed to the phonorecord player or posted in the establishment in a prominent position where it can be readily examined by the public; and
Affords a choice of works available for performance and permits the choice to be made by the patrons of the establishment in which it is located.