37 CFR Part 3 Index
Assignment, Recording, and Rights of Assignee

Taken from USPTO Website (Last revised Jan. 2018)

3 - Assignment, Recording, and Rights of Assignee


3.1: Definitions

Documents Eligible For Recording

3.11: Documents which will be recorded

3.16: Assignability of trademarks prior to filing of an allegation of use statement

Requirements For Recording

3.25: Recording requirements for trademark applications and registrations

3.26: English language requirement

3.27: Mailing address for submitting documents to be recorded

3.28: Requests for recording

Cover Sheet Requirements

3.31: Cover sheet content

3.34: Correction of cover sheet errors


3.41: Recording fees

Date And Effect Of Recording

3.51: Recording date

3.54: Effect of recording

3.56: Conditional assignments

3.58: Governmental registers

Domestic Representative

3.61: Domestic representative

Action Taken By Assignee

3.71: Prosecution by assignee

3.73: Establishing right of assignee to take action

Issuance To Assignee

3.85: Issue of registration to assignee