MPEP 1300
Allowance and Issue

This is the Ninth Edition of the MPEP, Revision 10.2019, Last Revised in June 2020

Chapter 1300: Allowance and Issue

1301: Substantially Allowable Application, Special

1302: Reserved

1302.01: General Review of Disclosure

1302.02: Requirement for a Rewritten Specification

1302.03: Notice of Allowability

1302.04: Examiner’s Amendments and Changes

1302.04(a): Title of Invention

1302.04(b): Reserved

1302.04(c): Cancellation of Claims to Nonelected Invention

1302.04(d): Cancellation of Claim Lost in Interference

1302.04(e): Cancellation of Rejected Claims Following Appeal

1302.04(f): Reserved

1302.04(g): Identification of Claims

1302.04(h): Rejoinder of Claims

1302.05: Correction of Drawing

1302.06: Prior Foreign Application

1302.07: Reserved

1302.08: Interference Search

1302.09: Classification, Print Figure, and Other Notations

1302.10: Issue Classification Notations

1302.11: Reserved

1302.12: Listing of References

1302.13: Signing

1302.14: Reasons for Allowance

1303: Notice of Allowance

1303.01: Amendment Received After Allowance

1303.02: Undelivered

1303.03: Not Withheld Due to Death of Inventor

1304: Amendments After D-10 Notice

1304.01: Withholding From Issue of "Secrecy Order" Applications

1305: Jurisdiction

1306: Issue Fee

1306.01: Deferring Issuance of a Patent

1306.02: Simultaneous Issuance of Patents

1306.03: Practice After Payment of Issue Fee; Receipt of Issue Notification

1307: Change in Classification of Cases Which Are in Issue

1308: Withdrawal From Issue

1308.01: Rejection After Allowance

1308.02: For Interference or Derivation Purposes

1308.03: Quality Review Program for Examined Patent Applications

1309: Issue of Patent

1309.01: Reserved

1309.02: "Printer Rush" Cases