MPEP 2276
Oral Hearing

Ninth Edition of the MPEP, Revision 07.2022, Last Revised in February 2023

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2276    Oral Hearing [R-08.2012]

If appellant (patent owner) desires an oral hearing, appellant must file a written request for such hearing accompanied by the fee set forth in 37 CFR 41.20(b)(3) within two months after the date of the examiner’s answer or supplemental examiner’s answer. The time for requesting an oral hearing may not be extended. 37 CFR 41.73(b). No appellant will be permitted to participate in an oral hearing unless he or she has requested an oral hearing and submitted the fee set forth in 37 CFR 41.20(b)(3).

Where the appeal involves reexamination proceedings, oral hearings are open to the public as observers (subject to the admittance procedures established by the Board), unless the appellant (A) petitions under 37 CFR 41.3 that the hearing not be open to the public, (B) presents sufficient reasons for such a request, (C) pays the petition fee set forth in 37 CFR 41.20(a), and (D) the petition is granted.

MPEP § 1209 relates to oral hearings in appeals in both patent applications and ex parte reexamination proceedings.