MPEP 2300
Interference and Derivation Proceedings

This is the Ninth Edition of the MPEP, Revision 10.2019, Last Revised in June 2020

Chapter 2300: Interference and Derivation Proceedings

2301: Interference Proceedings

2301.01: Statutory Basis

2301.02: Definitions

2301.03: Interfering Subject Matter

2301.04: Applicability of

2302: Consult an Interference Practice Specialist

2303: Completion of Examination

2303.01: Issuance and Suspension

2303.02: Other Outstanding Issues with Patents

2304: Suggesting an Interference

2304.01: Reserved

2304.01(a): Interference Search

2304.01(b): Obtaining Control Over Involved Files

2304.01(c): Translation of Foreign Benefit Application

2304.01(d): Sorting Claims

2304.02: Applicant Suggestion

2304.02(a): Identifying the Other Application or Patent

2304.02(b): Counts and Corresponding Claims

2304.02(c): Explaining Priority

2304.02(d): Adequate Written Description

2304.03: Patentee Suggestion

2304.04: Examiner Suggestion

2304.04(a): Interfering Claim Already in Application

2304.04(b): Requiring a Claim

2304.04(c): Rejections Based on Disclaimer

2304.05: Common Ownership

2305: Requiring a Priority Showing

2306: Secrecy Order Cases

2307: Action During an Interference

2307.01: Ex Parte Communications

2307.02: Access to Related Files

2307.03: Suspension of Related Examinations

2307.04: Additional Parties to Interference

2307.05: Board Action on Related Files

2307.06: Action at the Board

2308: Action After an Interference

2308.01: Final Disposal of Claims

2308.02: Added or Amended Claims

2308.03: Estoppel Within the Office

2308.03(a): Losing Party

2308.03(b): No Interference-in-Fact

2308.03(c): No Second Interference

2308.04: Office Procedure Following Decision by the U. S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit

2309: National Aeronautics and Space Administration or Department of Energy

2310: Derivation Proceedings

2310.01: Statutory Basis

2310.02: Definitions

2311: Consult a Technology Center Practice Specialist

2312: Board May Assume Jurisdiction

2313: Action Once a Derivation Proceeding is Instituted

2314: Action at the Board

2315: Action After a Derivation Proceeding is Decided