MPEP 2800
Supplemental Examination

This is the Ninth Edition of the MPEP, Revision 10.2019, Last Revised in June 2020

Chapter 2800: Supplemental Examination

2801: Introduction

2802: Supplemental Examination

2803: Persons Who May File a Request for Supplemental Examination

2803.01: Inquiries from Persons Other Than the Patent Owner

2803.02: Public Access

2804: Representative of Patent Owner

2804.01: Withdrawal of Attorney or Agent

2805: Correspondence with Patent Owner; Patent Owner Address

2806: How to File Papers in a Supplemental Examination Proceeding and in Any Resulting Ex Parte Reexamination Proceeding

2807: Format of Papers Filed in a Supplemental Examination Proceeding

2808: Time for Requesting Supplemental Examination

2809: Items of Information

2809.01: Information Relating to the Correction of Factual Information

2810: Fees Due on Filing a Supplemental Examination Request

2810.01: Document Size Fees

2811: Content of Request for Supplemental Examination

2811.01: Detailed Explanation of the Relevance and Manner of Applying Each Item of Information

2811.02: Optional Content

2812: Initial Processing of a Request for Supplemental Examination

2812.01: Filing Date of the Request

2812.02: Noncompliant Request for Supplemental Examination

2812.03: Corrected Request

2812.04: Termination Due to Defective/Improper Request or Corrected Request

2813: Handling of Papers, Other Than a Request, in a Supplemental Examination Proceeding

2813.01: Amendments

2814: Interviews Are Prohibited

2815: Time for Deciding Request

2816: Determination on the Request

2816.01: Claims Considered in Making the Determination

2816.02: Criteria for Making the Determination

2816.03: Content of the Determination

2816.04: Effect of the Determination

2817: Conclusion of Supplemental Examination

2817.01: Processing and Electronic Issuance of Supplemental Examination Certificate

2818: Procedure after Conclusion of Supplemental Examination

2818.01: After Determination Finding a Substantial New Question of Patentability

2818.02: After Determination Finding No Substantial New Question of Patentability

2819: Discovery of Possible Material Fraud

2820: Submission of Notification of Other Prior or Concurrent Post-Patent Office Proceedings

2821: Multiple Post-Patent Office Proceedings

2822: Assignment of the Supplemental Examination Proceeding

2823: Differences Between an Ex Parte Reexamination Proceeding Ordered Pursuant to