MPEP Section 605.04(g), Correction of Inventorship

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605.04(g) Correction of Inventorship [R-7]

When *>a< request is granted to add or delete inventors under 37 CFR 1.48, the change should be noted in red ink in the left margin of the original oath or declaration, if the application is maintained in paper. The notation should read "See Paper No. ____ for inventorship changes." For Image File Wrapper (IFW) processing, see IFW Manual. The application (other than 09/ or later series applications) should be sent to the Office of **>Patent Application Processing (OPAP)< for correction on the file wrapper label and the PALM database regarding the inventorship. A brief explanation on an "Application Division Data Base Routing Slip" (available from the Technology Center (TC) technical support staff) should accompany the application file to >OPAP<. For 09/ or later series applications, the examiner should have the TC's technical support staff enter the correction in the PALM database and print a new PALM bib-data sheet, which will then be placed in the file wrapper, if correction of the database and printing of a new PALM bib-data sheet was not already done by the Office of Petitions.