MPEP 608.02(z)
Allowable Applications Needing Drawing Corrections or Corrected Drawings

Ninth Edition of the MPEP, Revision 10.2019, Last Revised in June 2020

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608.02(z)    Allowable Applications Needing Drawing Corrections or Corrected Drawings [R-07.2015]

If the drawings submitted in an application have been indicated by the applicant as "informal," but the drawings are considered acceptable by OPAP, the examiner should not require replacement of the drawings.

In IFW applications, generally, the most recently filed drawings will be used for printing, unless they have been indicated as "Not Entered."

If the examiner makes an objection to the drawings, the examiner should require correction in reply to the Office action that sets forth the objection. If an application is being allowed, and corrected drawings have not been filed, form PTOL-37 provides an appropriate check box for requiring corrected drawings.

Extensions of time to provide acceptable drawings in response to a notice of allowability are not permitted. If the Office of Data Management receives drawings that cannot be scanned or are otherwise unacceptable for publication, the Office of Data Management will mail a requirement for corrected drawings, giving applicant a shortened statutory period of two months to reply. The drawings will ordinarily not be returned to the examiner for corrections.


Where replacement drawings are received in utility patent applications after the Notice of Allowability was mailed, the replacement drawings are handled by the Office of Data Management. Submission to the examiner is not necessary unless an amendment to the specification accompanies the drawings, such as an amendment where the description of figures is added or canceled. It is applicant’s responsibility to see that no new matter is added when submitting replacement drawings after allowance because they will not normally be reviewed by an examiner.

II.    37 CFR 1.312 AMENDMENTS

For information on handling amendments to drawings filed under 37 CFR 1.312, see MPEP § 714.16.