MPEP Section 608.02(n), Duplicate Prints in Patentability Report Applications

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608.02(n) Duplicate Prints in Patentability Report Applications

In patentability report cases having drawings, the examiner to whom the application is assigned should normally obtain a duplicate set of the interference prints of the drawing for filing in the Technology Center (TC) to which the application is referred.

When an application that has had patentability report prosecution is passed for issue or becomes abandoned, notification of this fact is given by the TC having jurisdiction of the case to each TC that submitted a patentability report. The examiner of each such reporting TC notes the date of allowance or abandonment on his or her duplicate set of prints. At such time as these prints become of no value to the reporting TC, they may be destroyed.

For patentability reports, see MPEP § 705 to § 705.01(f).