MPEP Section 719.01(a), Arrangement of Papers in File Wrapper

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719.01(a) Arrangement of Papers in File Wrapper [R-2]

Until revision for allowance, the specification, amendments and all other communications from applicant are fastened to the left side (center fold) of the file wrapper. They are in inverse chronological order, that is, the communication with the latest Mail Center "Office Date" is on top. A similar arrangement is followed on the right side, where Office actions and other communications from the Office are fastened, except that the drawing print is always kept on top for the convenience of the examiner.

Where amendments are submitted in duplicate, the copy is destroyed except where the duplicate is received within the time period for reply and the original is late. In this latter situation both copies are placed in the file. The "original" is entered with reference made to the copy.

At allowance, only those papers required by the printer are placed in the left side (center section) of the file wrapper. >For Image File Wrapper (IFW) processing, see IFW Manual sections 3.3 and 3.4.<