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M.P.E.P. Section 903.10, Duties of the Post Classifier

This document contains one section of the Manual of Patent Examining Procedure (the "MPEP"), Seventh Edition (July 1998). This page was last updated in April 2000. All of the sections of the MPEP are found in the section index.

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903.10 Duties of the Post Classifier

Examiners should contact their post classifier on all classification problems.

A post classifier is responsible for:

(A) The technical accuracy, adequacy, and completeness of all search systems in his or her group including the monitoring of any need for major and minor reclassification projects including mechanized systems.

(B) The full range of classification administration functions including the resolution of classification disputes on pending applications, guidance on classification matters to both examiners and the public, which includes outlining fields of search and answering examiner's requests for advice as to the proper classification of allowed applications.

(C) The inspection of issuing applications to determine the accuracy and adequacy of original and cross-reference classification by working closely with the supervisory patent examiners and Group Directors to ensure feedback to correct problem areas.

(D) Determination of the training needs of the personnel in his or her assigned group relative to principles of classification and supplying this training through formal and informal channels.

Generally, the post classifiers are to aid the examiners in the use, maintenance, and perfection of the classification system.

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