TMEP 1201.06(a): Applicant Is Merely Distributor or Importer

October 2017 Edition of the TMEP

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1201.06(a)    Applicant Is Merely Distributor or Importer

A distributor, importer, or other distributing agent of the goods of a manufacturer or producer does not acquire a right of ownership in the manufacturer’s or producer’s mark merely because it moves the goods in trade. See In re Bee Pollen from Eng. Ltd., 219 USPQ 163 (TTAB 1983); Audioson Vertriebs - GmbH v. Kirksaeter Audiosonics, Inc., 196 USPQ 453 (TTAB 1977); Jean D’Albret v. Henkel-Khasana G.m.b.H., 185 USPQ 317 (TTAB 1975); In re Lettmann,183 USPQ 369 (TTAB 1974); Bakker v. Steel Nurse of America Inc., 176 USPQ 447 (TTAB 1972). A party that merely distributes goods bearing the mark of a manufacturer or producer is neither the owner nor a related-company user of the mark.

If the applicant merely distributes or imports goods for the owner of the mark, registration must be refused under §1 of the Trademark Act, except in the following situations:

  • (1) If a parent and wholly owned subsidiary relationship exists between the distributor and the manufacturer, then the applicant’s statement that such a relationship exists disposes of an ownership issue. See TMEP §1201.03(b).
  • (2) If an applicant is the United States importer or distribution agent for a foreign manufacturer, then the applicant can register the foreign manufacturer’s mark in the United States, if the applicant submits one of the following:
  • (a) written consent from the owner of the mark to registration in the applicant’s name, or
  • (b) written agreement or acknowledgment between the parties that the importer or distributor is the owner of the mark in the United States, or
  • (c) an assignment (or true copy) to the applicant of the owner’s rights in the mark as to the United States together with the business and good will appurtenant thereto.

See In re Pharmacia Inc., 2 USPQ2d 1883 (TTAB 1987); In re Geo. J. Ball, Inc., 153 USPQ 426 (TTAB 1967).