TMEP 1202.19(f)(ii): Response Options

October 2017 Edition of the TMEP

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1202.19(f)(ii)    Response Options

The applicant may overcome the refusal by deleting the inconsistent goods or services, or by submitting evidence that the mark, as depicted in the drawing, does in fact function as a mark for the relevant goods or services. In most instances, the applicant will be unable to overcome the refusal by amending the drawing to cover all of the identified goods or services because it will be impossible to do so using a single depiction of the mark and the necessary changes are likely to result in a material alteration of the mark on the original drawing. See TMEP §1202.19(c). In addition, dividing out the inconsistent goods or services typically is not an appropriate response option in these cases because the drawing in the child application would need to depict an essentially different mark, which would also be a material alteration of the mark in the original drawing.