TMEP 1401.02(b): Short Titles for International Trademark Classes

October 2017 Edition of the TMEP

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1401.02(b)    Short Titles for International Trademark Classes

The USPTO associates the following word titles with the respective international trademark class numbers:


1.     Chemicals

2.     Paints

3.     Cosmetics and cleaning preparations

4.     Lubricants and fuels

5.     Pharmaceuticals

6.     Metal goods

7.     Machinery

8.     Hand tools

9.     Electrical and scientific apparatus

10.     Medical apparatus

11.     Environmental control apparatus

12.     Vehicles

13.     Firearms

14.     Jewelry

15.     Musical instruments

16.     Paper goods and printed matter

17.     Rubber goods

18.     Leather goods

19.     Non-metallic building materials

20.     Furniture and articles not otherwise classified

21.     Housewares and glass

22.     Cordage and fibers

23.     Yarns and threads

24.     Fabrics

25.     Clothing

26.     Fancy goods

27.     Floor coverings

28.     Toys and sporting goods

29.     Meats and processed foods

30.     Staple foods

31.     Natural agricultural products

32.     Light beverages

33.     Wines and spirits

34.     Smokers’ articles


35.     Advertising and business

36.     Insurance and financial

37.     Building construction and repair

38.     Telecommunications

39.     Transportation and storage

40.     Treatment of materials

41.     Education and entertainment

42.     Computer and scientific

43.     Hotels and restaurants

44.     Medical, beauty and agricultural

45.     Personal and legal

These short titles are not an official part of the international classification.  Their purpose is to provide a means to quickly identify the general content of numbered international classes.  By their nature, these titles will not necessarily disclose the classification of specific items.  The titles are not designed to be used for classification, but only as information to assist in the identification of numbered classes.  To determine the classification of particular goods and services, it is necessary to refer to the Alphabetical List, the class headings of the international classes, and explanatory notes in the International Classification of Goods and Services for the Purposes of the Registration of Marks (Nice Classification), published annually by WIPO on its website.  The full names of international classes are set forth in 37 C.F.R. §6.1. See TMEP §1401.02(a).

The short titles are printed in the Official Gazette in association with the international class numbers under MARKS PUBLISHED FOR OPPOSITION, Sections 1 and 2; TRADEMARK REGISTRATIONS ISSUED, PRINCIPAL REGISTER, Section 1; TRADEMARK REGISTRATIONS ISSUED UNDER SECTION 1(d), Sections 1 and 2; and SUPPLEMENTAL REGISTER, Sections 1 and 2.

The international trademark classification was adopted by the United States as its system of classification as of September 1, 1973. See 911 TMOG 210 (June 26, 1973).  The use of short titles was announced in a notice at 924 TMOG 155 (July 16, 1974).