TMEP 1401.10(c): Transfer of Aquaria and Related Items

This is the October 2015 Edition of the TMEP

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1401.10(c)    Transfer of Aquaria and Related Items

Indoor aquaria, its related accessory aquarium hoods, and indoor terrariums [vivariums] were previously classified in Class 16 because they were considered educational. This may have been true when they were first introduced into the Nice Agreement list, but that is a minimal or secondary use today. Most often, these goods are found in homes or offices as hobby or decorative items. They are traditionally made of glass so that the contents are visible. Therefore, they were transferred to Class 21, the main class for other glass items. Other aquarium items with specific uses or functions remain in their 8th edition classes. These items include aerating pumps for aquaria in Class 7, aquarium gravel and sand in Class 19, and aquarium lights, heaters, and filtering apparatus in Class 11. However, large public aquaria that are, in fact, structures are classified in Class 19, since they are made primarily from nonmetallic materials. The aquaria transferred from Class 16 to Class 21 are those that may be found in homes or offices and would not be considered structures in the nature of a building.