TMEP 1401.11(c): Food Additives

This is the October 2015 Edition of the TMEP

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1401.11(c)    Food Additives

Under the 10th edition Nice Alphabetical List, food additives are classified in Classes 1, 5, and 29-33 according to their particular purposes. Previously, the Nice Alphabetical List recognized only two types of food additives - those for medical purposes in Class 5 and those in the nature of raw materials in Class 1. The 9th edition was silent on the classification of food additives used as ingredients in cooking and/or baking for domestic purposes. Under the 10th edition, food additives for industrial purposes, including those for use in manufacturing food, are classified in Class 1. Additionally, food additives for medical purposes and for use as dietary supplements are classified in Class 5, and food additives for culinary purposes are classified in Classes 29-33, according to the particular nature of the food additive. The 10th edition also requires that the food additive be specifically named (e.g., “lecithin for culinary purposes” in Class 29). This requirement is especially important when the food additives are for culinary purposes because classification of such goods is determined by their nature.