TMEP 1402.05(b): Material Composition

This is the October 2015 Edition of the TMEP

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1402.05(b)    Material Composition

If an identification of goods is specific, but the goods could be classified in more than one class depending on the material composition, then the material composition must be indicated in the identification of the goods.

Example - “Statues” refers to specific items; however, the classification depends on the material composition. “Statues of non-precious metal” are classified in Class 6; “statues of precious metal” are classified in Class 14; “statues of wax, wood, plaster, or plastic” are classified in Class 20; and “statues of glass or porcelain” are classified in Class 21.

However, in certain situations, because of the nature of the particular industry and the knowledge that the items are made out of different materials and are classified accordingly, an indication of the material composition in the identification may be unnecessary. See TMEP §§1401.07 and 1402.03 for further explanation.