Trademark Manual of Examining Procedure (TMEP)
Chapter 1500: Post-Examination Procedures

October 2017 Edition of the TMEP

Chapter 1500: Post-Examination Procedures

1501: Appeal to Trademark Trial and Appeal Board

1501.01: Appealable Matter

1501.02: Appeal Briefs

1501.02(a): Applicant’s Appeal Brief

1501.02(b): Examining Attorney’s Appeal Brief

1501.02(c): Reply Briefs in Ex Parte Appeals

1501.03: Withdrawal of Refusal or Requirement After Appeal

1501.04: Fee for Appeal

1501.05: Amendment During Appeal

1501.06: Amendment After Decision on Appeal

1501.07: Examining Attorney’s Request for Reconsideration

1502: Publication in Trademark Official Gazette

1502.01: Notification of Clerical Errors in Trademark Official Gazette

1503: Opposition

1503.01: Filing a Notice of Opposition

1503.02: Joining Persons in an Opposition

1503.03: Time for Opposing

1503.04: Extension of Time to Oppose

1503.05: Opposition to §66(a) Applications

1504: Jurisdiction over Application

1504.01: Jurisdiction of Examining Attorney

1504.02: Jurisdiction of Trademark Trial and Appeal Board

1504.03: Action by Examining Attorney After Publication

1504.04: Restoration of Jurisdiction to Examining Attorney by Director

1504.04(a): Request for Jurisdiction

1504.05: Remand to Examining Attorney by Trademark Trial and Appeal Board

1505: Amendments Filed by Applicants After Publication

1505.01: Procedures for Processing Amendments Filed by the Applicant After Publication

1505.01(a): Form and Timing of Amendments

1505.01(b): Processing Amendments to §§1(a), 44, and 66(a) Applications in Cases Where No Opposition Has Been Filed and a Registration Certificate Has Not Yet Issued

1505.01(b)(i): Acceptable Amendments

1505.01(b)(ii): Unacceptable Amendments

1505.01(c): Processing Amendments to §1(b) Applications in Cases Where No Opposition Has Been Filed and No Notice of Allowance Has Issued

1505.01(c)(i): Acceptable Amendments

1505.01(c)(ii): Unacceptable Amendments

1505.01(d): Processing Amendments Filed Between Issuance of the Notice of Allowance and Filing of Statement of Use

1505.01(e): Processing Amendments in Cases Where a Request for Extension of Time to Oppose Has Been Filed or Granted

1505.01(f): Processing Amendments in Cases Where an Opposition Has Been Filed

1505.02: Types of Amendments After Publication

1505.02(a): Amendments to the Identification

1505.02(b): Amendments to Classification

1505.02(c): Amendments to Marks

1505.02(d): Amendments to the Dates of Use

1505.02(e): Amendments Adding or Deleting Disclaimers

1505.02(f): Amendment of the Basis

1505.02(g): Amendments to the Applicant’s Name, Citizenship, or Entity Type

1505.03: Republication for Opposition

1505.03(a): When Republication Is Required

1505.03(b): When Republication Is Not Required

1506: Concurrent Use Registration Proceeding

1507: Interference