TMEP 1613.07(c): Changes of Legal Entity

October 2017 Edition of the TMEP

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1613.07(c)    Changes of Legal Entity

The procedures for establishing ownership, as discussed in TMEP §1613.07(b), also apply to changes of name and changes of legal entity.  See TMEP §1613.07(d) regarding changes of name.

A change in the country or other jurisdiction of incorporation is a change of legal entity, creating a new party.

The death of a partner, or other change in the membership of a partnership, normally creates a change in legal entity unless the partnership agreement provides for continuation of the partnership and the relevant law permits this.

A merger of companies into a new company normally constitutes a change of legal entity.

Affidavits or declarations may be accepted from trustees, executors, administrators, and the like, when supported by a court order or other evidence of the person’s authority to act on behalf of the present holder.  If there is a court order, a copy of the order should be submitted.