TMEP 1805: General Inquiries from the Public

October 2017 Edition of the TMEP

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1805    General Inquiries from the Public

USPTO employees will gladly answer questions about the procedures for obtaining and maintaining a registration.  For general information, callers may telephone the Trademark Assistance Center at (571) 272-9250 or (800) 786-9199. See TMEP §108.02.

However, USPTO employees cannot:

  • Comment on the validity of registered marks ( see TMEP §1801);
  • Provide a legal opinion on whether a particular mark or type of mark is eligible for registration; or
  • Offer legal advice or opinions about common law rights in a mark, state registrations, or trademark infringement claims.

For a legal opinion about a trademark matter, a party must consult a private trademark attorney.  The USPTO cannot aid in the selection of an attorney. 37 C.F.R. §2.11.  Private trademark attorneys are generally listed in the yellow pages under the heading "Lawyers, Patent and Trademark," or "Lawyers, Trademark."

See TMEP §104 regarding trademark searches.

See TMEP §1806 regarding contacts with third parties about ex parte matters.