TMEP 1902.02(f)(i): House Marks and "Full Line of …"

October 2017 Edition of the TMEP

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1902.02(f)(i)    House Marks and "Full Line of …"

It has been the practice in the United States to accept identifications of goods that include the wording "house mark for…" in certain limited circumstances. See TMEP §1402.03(b). Additionally, in rare circumstances, the USPTO may accept an identification of goods that refers to "a full line of" a genre of products. To qualify for the use of such terminology, the line of products must be in one class. See TMEP §1402.03(c).

If an international application includes the wording "house mark for" or "house mark for a full line of," the IB will generally issue a notice of irregularity requiring the applicant to clarify or remove this wording. To avoid issuance of a notice of irregularity, an international applicant may set forth some or all of the goods following the wording "house mark" in the listing of goods in the international application. Removal of the wording "house mark" will not result in denial of certification of the international application.