TMEP 1902.02(g)(i): Reclassifying Goods/Services

October 2017 Edition of the TMEP

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1902.02(g)(i)    Reclassifying Goods/Services

If the goods or services in the basic application and/or registration are classified under the old U.S. classification system ( see TMEP §1401.02), it is advisable to reclassify the goods/services into international classes in the international application, to avoid issuance of a notice of irregularity by the IB.  Applicants using the prepopulated TEAS form must reclassify such goods/services into international classes because the form does not recognize U.S. class designations.

See TMEP §1902.02(g)(ii) regarding reclassification of goods/services in U.S. Classes A, B, or 200.

It is also advisable to reclassify the goods when the identification of goods in the basic application and/or registration comprises kits or gift baskets.  See TMEP §1902.02(g)(iii) for further information.

The IB provides a database of properly classified terms, the Madrid Goods and Services Manager (MGSM), at Applicants may refer to the MGSM to review the classification assigned by the IB to more than 40,000 goods and services as well as the translation of such goods/services into several languages.