TMEP 1904.02(e)(i): Corrections

This is the October 2015 Edition of the TMEP

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1904.02(e)(i)    Corrections

When the IB determines that there is an error concerning an international registration in the International Register, it corrects that error ex officio. Requests for correction may be submitted to the IB by the holder (i.e., a §66(a) applicant seeking protection in U.S.), the Office of Origin of the international application, or in some cases by the USPTO Administrator for Trademark Classification Policy and Practice.

Corrections that merely reclassify the originally identified goods/services may be accepted; however, any indefinite wording of the identification of such goods/services that was acceptably amended during the course of USPTO examination will remain as amended, that is, the amended wording is not affected or changed by the correction issued by the IB. When an applicant amends the identification of goods/services in a manner that is acceptable to the examining attorney, including voluntary deletion of goods/services, the amendment replaces all previous identifications, and thus restricts the scope of goods/services to that amended language. See TMEP §1402.07(e).