TMEP 1906.01(f): Correction of Errors in International Registration

October 2017 Edition of the TMEP

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1906.01(f)    Correction of Errors in International Registration

The IB will correct errors in an international registration at the request of the holder or the Office of Origin.  Common Reg. 28(1).  Requests to correct errors in international registrations in which the USPTO was the Office of Origin must be filed directly with the IB, unless the error was made by the USPTO.

The office of a designated Contracting Party may declare in a notification of provisional refusal that protection can no longer be granted to an international registration as corrected. A new refusal period under Article 5 of the Protocol and Common Regs. 16-17 starts to run from the date of the correction, but only in respect to grounds that did not exist prior to the correction.  Common Reg. 28(3).

See TMEP §1904.03(f) regarding corrections to §66(a) applications, and TMEP §1904.14 regarding corrections to registered extensions of protection.