Trademark Manual of Examining Procedure (TMEP)
Chapter 200: Application Filing Date

October 2017 Edition of the TMEP

Chapter 200: Application Filing Date

201: What Constitutes Filing Date

201.01: Effective Filing Date Controls for Purposes of Determining Priority for Publication or Issue

201.02: Constructive Use Priority

202: Requirements for Receiving a Filing Date

202.01: Clear Drawing of the Mark

202.02: Listing of Recognizable Goods or Services

202.03: Filing Fee for At Least One Class of Goods or Services

202.03(a): Fee Payment Refused or Charged Back By Financial Institution

202.03(a)(i): Processing Fee for Payment Refused or Charged Back By Financial Institution

203: Review for Compliance With Minimum Requirements

204: Defective or Informal Applications

204.01: Filing Date Cancelled if Minimum Filing Requirements not Met

204.02: Resubmission of Applications

204.03: Examining Attorney’s Handling of Applications That Are Erroneously Accorded a Filing Date

205: Filing Date Is Not Normally Changed

206: Effective Filing Date

206.01: Amendment of §1(b) Application from Principal Register to Supplemental Register upon Filing of Allegation of Use

206.02: Application Claiming Priority under §44(d) or §67

206.03: Applications Filed Before November 16, 1989, That Are Amended to the Supplemental Register on or After November 16, 1989

206.04: Examining Attorney’s Action After Conducting New Search When the Effective Filing Date Changes to a Later Date