Trademark Manual of Examining Procedure (TMEP)
Chapter 300: Filing and Receipt of Documents

October 2017 Edition of the TMEP

Chapter 300: Filing and Receipt of Documents

301: Electronic Filing

302: Trademark Correspondence and Signature Requirements - In General

302.01: Original Documents Generally Not Required

302.02: Multiple Copies of Documents Should Not Be Filed

302.03: Identifying the Nature of Documents Filed

302.03(a): Correspondence Pertaining to Trademark Applications

302.03(b): Correspondence Pertaining to Trademark Registrations

303: Receipt of Documents by the Office

303.01: Date of Receipt

303.02: Acknowledgment of Receipt

303.02(a): TEAS "Success" Page

303.02(b): "Mail Room Date" Label Showing Receipt

303.02(c): Postcard Receipt

303.02(c)(i): Postage on Return Receipt Postcards

304: Electronic Mail

304.01: Communications Acceptable Via Electronic Mail

304.02: Communications Not Acceptable Via Electronic Mail

304.03: Authorization of Official Correspondence from the USPTO by Electronic Mail

305: Mailing Documents to the Office

305.01: Mailing Addresses

305.02: Certificate of Mailing Procedure

305.02(a): When Certificate of Mailing Procedure May Not Be Used

305.02(b): Mailing Requirements

305.02(c): Location and Form of Certificate

305.02(d): Wording of Certificate of Mailing

305.02(e): Effect of Certificate of Mailing

305.02(f): Correspondence Mailed Pursuant to

305.02(g): Correspondence Deposited as First-Class Mail Pursuant to

305.02(h): Certificate of Mailing Requirements Strictly Enforced

305.03: Priority Mail Express®

305.04: Interruptions in U.S. Postal Service

306: Facsimile Transmission (Fax)

306.01: Documents that May Not Be Filed by Facsimile Transmission

306.02: Fax Machines Designated to Accept Relevant Trademark Documents

306.03: Effect of Filing by Fax

306.04: Procedure for Filing by Fax

306.05: Certificate of Transmission Procedure

306.05(a): Location and Form of Certificate of Transmission

306.05(b): Wording of Certificate of Transmission

306.05(c): Effect of Certificate of Transmission

306.05(d): Correspondence Transmitted by Fax Pursuant to

306.06: Requirements for Certificate of Transmission Strictly Enforced

307: Hand Delivery

308: Period Ending on Saturday, Sunday, or Federal Holiday

309: Unscheduled Closings of the United States Patent and Trademark Office

310: Computing Period for Response to Office Action or Notice