TMEP 301: Electronic Filing

October 2017 Edition of the TMEP

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301    Electronic Filing

The Trademark Electronic Application System ("TEAS") makes electronic filing available on the United States Patent and Trademark Office ("USPTO") website, at  TEAS can be used to file all forms related to a domestic application or registration, or for filings under the Madrid Protocol.  TEAS offers a group of specific forms that require direct data entry in designated fields, and/or the attachment of a.jpg or.pdf image file.  For documents for which a specific TEAS form with dedicated data fields has not yet been developed, TEAS also offers "Global Forms" that allow a filer to attach a.jpg or.pdf image file that contains the complete text for the actual filing.

When a document is filed electronically, either as a specific TEAS form or through the global form approach, the USPTO generally receives it within seconds after filing.  TEAS almost immediately displays a "Success" page that confirms receipt.  This page is evidence of filing should any question arise as to the filing date of the document, and may be printed or copied-and-pasted into an electronic record for storage.  From the "Success" page, the filer can click on a link to a PDF receipt that includes a summary of the filed information and general processing information.  TEAS also separately sends an e-mail acknowledgement of receipt that includes the same information.  Electronic filing creates an automatic entry of receipt of this filing into the USPTO’s automated system, which helps to avoid improper abandonment or cancellation.

Under 37 C.F.R. §2.195(a)(2), correspondence transmitted electronically using TEAS is considered filed on the date the USPTO receives the transmission, in Eastern Time, regardless of whether that date is a Saturday, Sunday, or Federal holiday within the District of Columbia.

See TMEP §611.01(c) regarding signature of documents filed electronically.

See TMEP §§807.05–807.05(c) regarding drawings in electronically transmitted applications, and TMEP §904.02(a) regarding specimens in electronically transmitted applications.

Requests for recordation of assignments and other documents affecting title to an application or registration can be filed through the Electronic Trademark Assignment System ("ETAS") on the USPTO website at

The Electronic System for Trademark Trials and Appeals ("ESTTA"), at, must be used to file requests for extensions of time to oppose, notices of opposition, petitions to cancel, appeals, motions, briefs, notices of change of address, and other documents in Trademark Trial and Appeal Board ("Board") proceedings.

If a document transmitted through TEAS, ETAS, or ESTTA is due on a Saturday, Sunday, or a Federal holiday within the District of Columbia, the document will be considered timely if the USPTO receives the transmission on or before the following day that is not a Saturday, Sunday, or a Federal holiday within the District of Columbia. 37 C.F.R. §2.196; TMEP §308.

See TMEP §819 regarding TEAS Plus and TMEP §820 regarding TEAS RF.