Trademark Manual of Examining Procedure (TMEP)
Chapter 500: Change of Ownership

October 2017 Edition of the TMEP

Chapter 500: Change of Ownership

501: Assignment of Marks

501.01: Assignability of Marks in Applications and Registrations

501.01(a): Assignability of Intent-to-Use Applications

501.01(b): Assignability of Extensions of Protection of International Registrations to the United States

501.02: Assignments Must Be in Writing

501.03: Effect of Failure to Record Assignment

501.04: Foreign Assignee May Designate Domestic Representative

501.05: Assignee Stands in Place of Applicant or Registrant

501.06: Partial Assignments

501.07: Assignment of Extension of Protection of International Registration to the United States

502: Establishing Ownership of Applications or Registrations

502.01: Establishing the Right to Take Action in Application or Registration

502.02: Pending Applications - Issuance of Registration Certificate in Name of Assignee or in Applicant’s New Name

502.02(a): Applications Under §§1 and 44 of the Trademark Act

502.02(b): Applications Under §66(a) of the Trademark Act

502.02(c): Examining Attorney’s Action Regarding Assignment

502.03: Issuance of New Certificate to Assignee of Registrant

503: Recording with Assignment Recordation Branch

503.01: Effect of Recording a Document

503.01(a): Recording May Not Update Ownership Information

503.01(b): Recording Does Not Update Correspondence Address in Trademark Database

503.01(c): Recording Is Not a Determination of Validity

503.01(d): Recording Does Not Constitute Response to Office Action

503.01(e): Conditional Assignment

503.02: Documents that the Office Will Record

503.03: Requirements for Recording

503.03(a): Formal Requirements for Documents

503.03(b): Supporting Documents

503.03(c): English Language Requirement

503.03(d): Fee for Recording

503.03(e): Cover Sheet

503.04: Address for Submitting Documents for Recording

503.05: Recording Procedure and Recordation Date

503.06: Correction of Errors in Cover Sheet or Recorded Document

503.06(a): Typographical Errors in Cover Sheet

503.06(a)(i): Typographical Errors in Cover Sheet that Do Not Affect Title to Application or Registration

503.06(a)(ii): Typographical Errors in Cover Sheet that Do Affect Title to Application or Registration

503.06(b): Typographical Errors in Recorded Assignment Document

503.06(c): Assignment, Change of Name, or Other Interest Improperly Filed and Recorded by Another Person Against Owner’s Application or Registration

503.06(d): Owner Must Notify Trademark Operation of Correction

503.06(e): Recorded Documents Not Removed from Assignment Records

503.06(f): Petitions to Correct or "Expunge" Assignment Records

503.07: "Indexing" Against Recorded Document Not Permitted

503.08: Accessibility of Assignment Records

503.08(a): Trademark Assignment Abstracts of Title

504: Automatic Updating of Ownership of Trademark Applications and Registrations in Trademark Database

504.01: Circumstances in Which Trademark Database Will Not Be Automatically Updated

504.02: Processing Time for Automatic Updating

504.03: Correction to Automatic Update - Last Recorded Owner Does Not Have Clear Chain of Title

504.04: Automatic Updating Does Not Apply to §66(a) Applications and Registered Extensions of Protection

505: Requesting Update of Ownership Information When the Trademark Database Does Not Automatically Update After a Document is Recorded

505.01: Request to Update Ownership Information in Pending Application

505.02: Request to Update Ownership Information After Registration