TMEP 503.01(a): Recording May Not Update Ownership Information

October 2017 Edition of the TMEP

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503.01(a)    Recording May Not Update Ownership Information

Recording a document with the Assignment Recordation Branch does not necessarily change or update the ownership of record shown in the Trademark database.  There are circumstances in which the Trademark database will be updated automatically upon the recordation of an assignment, change of name, or other document transferring title. See TMEP §§504 and 504.01.  In all other cases, the new owner must separately notify the Trademark Operation in writing of the recordation of a document, and request that the Trademark database be updated manually. See TMEP §§ 504.01 and 505.  See also TMEP §§502.02–502.03 regarding issuance of a certificate of registration in the name of a new owner.