TMEP 503.03(a): Formal Requirements for Documents

October 2017 Edition of the TMEP

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503.03(a)    Formal Requirements for Documents

Applications and Registrations Based on §§1 and 44 of the Trademark Act.  All documents submitted for recording must be accompanied by a cover sheet that meets the requirements of 37 C.F.R. §3.31. See TMEP §503.03(e).

To expedite recordation, new owners are encouraged to file requests for recordation electronically through ETAS, on the USPTO website at  Documents filed electronically are recorded much faster than paper documents.  Using ETAS, a party can create and submit a Trademark Assignment Recordation Form Cover Sheet by completing an online form, and attach the supporting legal documentation as an image in tagged image file format ("TIFF") for submission via the Internet.

See TMEP §503.03 regarding the requirements for recordation.

Section 66(a) Applications and Registered Extensions of Protection.  In a §66(a) application or a registered extension of protection, the new owner must record the change of ownership, including a change of owner name, with the IB, who will record the change in the International Register and notify the USPTO accordingly. See TMEP §501.07.  The IB does not require supporting documents.  See TMEP §§1906.01 and 1906.01(a) for information about recording changes of ownership of international registrations with the IB.