TMEP 503.06: Correction of Errors in Cover Sheet or Recorded Document

October 2017 Edition of the TMEP

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503.06    Correction of Errors in Cover Sheet or Recorded Document

37 C.F.R. §3.34  Correction of cover sheet errors.

  • (a) An error in a cover sheet recorded pursuant to §3.11 will be corrected only if:
  • (1) The error is apparent when the cover sheet is compared with the recorded document to which it pertains, and
  • (2) A corrected cover sheet is filed for recordation.
  • (b) The corrected cover sheet must be accompanied by a copy of the document originally submitted for recording and by the recording fee as set forth in §3.41.

Once a document is recorded with the Assignment Recordation Branch, the Assignment Recordation Branch will not remove the document from the record relating to that application or registration. See TMEP §503.06(e).

During the recording process, the Assignment Recordation Branch will check to see that a trademark cover sheet is complete and record the data exactly as it appears on the cover sheet.  Once the document is recorded, the USPTO will issue a notice of recordation.

The party recording the document should carefully review the notice of recordation.

Typographical errors made by the USPTO will be corrected promptly and without charge upon written request directed to the Assignment Recordation Branch.  For any other error, the party recording the document is responsible for filing the documents and paying the recordation fees necessary to correct the error, using the procedures set forth in TMEP §§503.06(a) through 503.06(d).

In an application under §66(a) of the Trademark Act or a registered extension of protection, any request to correct an error in a document recorded with the IB must be corrected at the IB.  Such a request cannot be sent to the IB through the USPTO.  See TMEP §§1906.01-1906.01(i) for information about requests to record changes in the International Register.