Trademark Manual of Examining Procedure (TMEP)
Chapter 600: Attorney, Representative, and Signature

October 2017 Edition of the TMEP

Chapter 600: Attorney, Representative, and Signature

601: Owner of Mark May Be Represented by a Qualified Practitioner

601.01: USPTO Cannot Aid in Selection of an Attorney

601.02: Communications with Applicant or Registrant Who Is Represented by an Attorney

602: Persons Authorized to Practice Before USPTO in Trademark Matters

602.01: Attorneys Licensed to Practice in the United States

602.02: Non-Attorneys

602.03: Foreign Attorneys and Agents

602.03(a): Canadian Attorneys and Agents

602.03(b): Foreign Attorneys and Agents from Countries Other than Canada

602.03(c): Documents Filed by Foreign Attorneys and Agents

602.03(d): Representatives of Holders of International Registrations

602.03(e): Identification of Foreign Attorney in Original Application

603: Standards of Conduct

604: Recognition as a Representative

604.01: Three Ways To Be Recognized as a Representative

604.02: Duration of Recognition

604.03: Change of Attorney

605: Powers of Attorney

605.01: Requirements for Power of Attorney

605.02: Power of Attorney Relating to More than One Application or Registration

605.03: Associate Powers of Attorney

605.04: Power of Attorney Filed After Registration

606: Revocation of Power of Attorney

607: Withdrawal of Attorney of Record

608: Unauthorized Practice

608.01: Actions by Unauthorized Persons Not Permitted

608.02: Individuals Excluded, Suspended, or Unauthorized to Practice Before the USPTO

609: Correspondence, with Whom Held

609.01: Establishing the Correspondence Address

609.01(a): Correspondence in §66(a) Applications

609.02: Changing the Correspondence Address

609.02(a): Request to Change Correspondence Address Presumed

609.02(b): Requirements for Request to Change Correspondence Address

609.02(c): Processing Requests to Change the Correspondence Address Before Registration

609.02(d): Changing the Correspondence Address in Multiple Applications or Registrations

609.02(e): Changing the Correspondence Address After Registration

609.02(f): Correspondence After Recordation of Change of Ownership

609.03: Applicant Has Duty to Maintain Current and Accurate Correspondence Address

609.04: Correspondence with Parties Not Domiciled in the United States

610: Designation of Domestic Representative by Parties Not Domiciled in the United States

611: Signature on Correspondence Filed in the United States Patent and Trademark Office

611.01: Signature and Certificate

611.01(a): Signature as Certificate

611.01(b): Requirements for Signature

611.01(c): Signature of Documents Filed Electronically

611.02: Signatures by Authorized Parties Required

611.02(a): TEAS Checkoff Boxes

611.03: Proper Person to Sign

611.03(a): Verification

611.03(b): Responses, Amendments to Applications, Requests for Express Abandonment, Requests for Reconsideration of Final Actions, and Requests to Divide

611.03(c): Powers of Attorney and Revocations of Powers of Attorney

611.03(d): Petitions to Revive

611.03(e): Petitions to the Director

611.03(f): Amendment, Correction, or Surrender of Registration

611.03(g): Renewal Applications

611.03(h): Designations and Revocations of Domestic Representative

611.03(i): Requests to Change Correspondence Address in an Application or Registration

611.04: Examples of Authorized and Potentially Unauthorized Signatories

611.05: Processing Documents Signed by Someone Other Than the Applicant or the Applicant’s Designated Attorney

611.05(a): Notice of Incomplete Response when Authority of Person Signing Response Is Unclear

611.05(b): Replying to a Notice of Incomplete Response

611.05(c): Unsatisfactory Response or Failure to Respond

611.06: Guidelines on Persons with Legal Authority to Bind Certain Juristic Entities

611.06(a): Joint Owners

611.06(b): Signature by Partnership

611.06(c): Signature by Joint Venture

611.06(d): Signature by Corporation

611.06(e): Signature by Foreign Companies and Corporations

611.06(f): Signature by Unincorporated Association

611.06(g): Signature by Limited Liability Company

611.06(h): Signature by Limited Liability Partnership