Trademark Manual of Examining Procedure (TMEP)
Chapter 800: Application Requirements

October 2017 Edition of the TMEP

Chapter 800: Application Requirements

801: Types of Applications

801.01: Single or Combined Application

801.01(a): Single (Single-Class) Application

801.01(b): Combined (Multiple-Class) Application

801.02: Principal Register or Supplemental Register

801.02(a): Act of 1946, Principal Register

801.02(b): Act of 1946, Supplemental Register

802: Application Form

803: Applicant

803.01: Who May Apply

803.02: Name of Applicant

803.02(a): Individual

803.02(b): Partnership, Joint Venture, or Other "Firm"

803.02(c): Corporation and Association

803.03: Legal Entity of Applicant

803.03(a): Individual or Sole Proprietorship

803.03(b): Partnership, Joint Venture, or Other "Firm"

803.03(c): Corporation, Association, Organization, and Company

803.03(d): Joint Applicants

803.03(e): Trusts, Conservatorships, and Estates

803.03(e)(i): Business Trusts

803.03(f): Governmental Bodies and Universities

803.03(g): Banking Institutions

803.03(h): Limited Liability Companies

803.03(i): Common Terms Designating Entity of Foreign Applicants

803.03(j): Federally Recognized Indian Tribe

803.03(k): Limited Liability Partnerships

803.04: Citizenship of Applicant

803.05: Address of Applicant

803.06: Applicant May Not Be Changed

804: Verification and Signature

804.01: Form and Wording of Verification in §1 or §44 Application

804.01(a): Verification with Oath

804.01(a)(i): Verification Made in Foreign Country

804.01(b): Declaration in Lieu of Oath

804.02: Averments Required in Verification of Application for Registration - §1 or §44 Application

804.03: Time Between Execution and Filing of Documents - §1 or §44 Application

804.04: Persons Authorized to Sign Verification or Declaration

804.05: Verification of §66(a) Application

805: Identification and Classification of Goods and Services

806: Filing Basis

806.01: Requirements for Establishing a Basis

806.01(a): Use in Commerce - §1(a)

806.01(b): Intent-to-Use - §1(b)

806.01(c): Foreign Priority - §44(d)

806.01(d): Foreign Registration - §44(e)

806.01(e): Extension of Protection of International Registration - §66(a)

806.02: Multiple Bases

806.02(a): Procedure for Asserting More Than One Basis

806.02(b): Applicant May File Under Both §1(a) and §1(b) in the Same Application

806.02(c): Examination of Specimens of Use in a Multiple-Basis Application

806.02(d): Abandonment of Multiple-Basis Applications

806.02(d)(i): Abandonment for Failure to Respond to an Office Action

806.02(d)(ii): Abandonment for Failure to Respond to a Notice of Allowance

806.02(e): Allegation of Bona Fide Intention to Use Mark in Commerce Required Even if Application Is Based on Both §44 and §1(a)

806.02(f): Section 44(d) Combined With Other Bases

806.02(g): Not Necessary to Repeat Allegation of Bona Fide Intention to Use Mark in Commerce in Multiple-Basis Application

806.03: Amendments to Add or Substitute a Basis

806.03(a): When Basis Can be Changed

806.03(b): Applicant May Add or Substitute a §44(d) Basis Only Within Six-Month Priority Period

806.03(c): Amendment From §1(a) to §1(b)

806.03(d): Amendment From §44 to §1(b)

806.03(e): Allegation of Use Required to Amend From §1(b) to §1(a)

806.03(f): Use in Commerce as of Application Filing Date Required to Add or Substitute §1(a) as a Basis in §44 Application

806.03(g): Amendment From §1(b) to §44

806.03(h): Effect of Substitution of Basis on Application Filing Date

806.03(i): Verification of Amendment Required

806.03(j): Petition to Amend Basis After Publication - §1 or §44 Application

806.03(j)(i): Amending the Basis of a §1(b) Application After Publication But Before Issuance of Notice of Allowance

806.03(j)(ii): Amending the Basis of a §1(b) Application Between Issuance of Notice of Allowance and Filing of Statement of Use

806.03(j)(iii): Amending the Basis of a §1(b) Application After Filing of Statement of Use But Before Approval for Registration

806.03(k): Basis May not be Changed in §66(a) Application

806.03(l): §66(a) Basis May not be Added to §1 or §44 Application

806.04: Deleting a Basis

806.04(a): Deletion of §1(b) Basis After Publication or Issuance of the Notice of Allowance

806.04(b): Retention of §44(d) Priority Filing Date Without Perfecting §44(e) Basis

806.05: Review of Basis Prior to Publication or Issue

807: Drawing

807.01: Drawing Must Show Only One Mark

807.02: Drawing Must Be Limited to Mark

807.03: Standard Character Drawings

807.03(a): Requirements for Standard Character Drawings

807.03(b): List of Standard Characters

807.03(c): Drawings Containing Both a Standard Character Claim and Designs or Other Elements

807.03(d): Changing From Special Form Elements to Standard Characters, or the Reverse, May be a Material Alteration

807.03(e): Standard Character Drawing and Specimen of Use

807.03(f): Standard Character Drawing and Foreign Registration

807.03(g): Drawings in "Typed" Format With No Standard Character Claim

807.03(h): Drawings Where the Format Is Unclear

807.03(i): Typed Drawings

807.04: Special Form Drawings

807.04(a): Characteristics of Special Form Drawings

807.04(b): When Special Form Drawing Is Required

807.05: Electronically Submitted Drawings

807.05(a): Standard Character Drawings Submitted Electronically

807.05(a)(i): Long Marks in Standard Character Drawings

807.05(b): Special Form Drawings Submitted Electronically

807.05(c): Requirements for Digitized Images

807.06: Paper Drawings

807.06(a): Type of Paper and Size of Mark

807.06(b): Long Marks in Standard Character Drawings

807.06(c): Separate Drawing Page Preferred

807.07: Color in the Mark

807.07(a): Requirements for Color Drawings

807.07(a)(i): Color Must Be Claimed as a Feature of the Mark

807.07(a)(ii): Applicant Must Specify the Location of the Colors Claimed

807.07(b): Color Drawings Filed Without a Color Claim

807.07(c): Color Drawings Filed With an Incorrect Color Claim

807.07(d): Color Drawings that Contain Black, White, or Gray

807.07(d)(i): Applications Under §1

807.07(d)(ii): Applications Under §44

807.07(d)(iii): Applications Under §66(a)

807.07(e): Black-and-White Drawings and Color Claims

807.07(f): Black-and-White Drawings that Contain Gray or Black-and-White Drawings with a Mark Description that Refers to Black, White, or Gray

807.07(f)(i): TEAS, TEAS RF, TEAS Plus, and §66(a) Applications

807.07(f)(ii): Applications Filed on Paper

807.07(g): Drawings in Applications Filed Before November 2, 2003

807.08: Broken Lines to Show Placement

807.09: "Drawing" of Sound, Scent, or Non-Visual Mark

807.10: Three-Dimensional Marks

807.11: Marks With Motion

807.12: Mark on Drawing Must Agree with Mark on Specimen or Foreign Registration

807.12(a): Applications Under §1 of the Trademark Act

807.12(a)(i): Role of Punctuation in Determining Whether Mark on Drawing Agrees with Mark on Specimen

807.12(a)(ii): Punctuation on the Drawing but Not on the Specimen

807.12(a)(iii): Punctuation on the Specimen but Not on the Drawing

807.12(b): Applications Under §44 of the Trademark Act

807.12(c): Applications Under §66(a) of the Trademark Act

807.12(d): Mutilation or Incomplete Representation of Mark

807.12(e): Compound Word Marks and Telescoped Marks

807.13: Amendment of Mark

807.13(a): Amendment of Mark in Applications Under §§1 and 44

807.13(b): Mark in §66(a) Application Cannot be Amended

807.14: Material Alteration of Mark

807.14(a): Removal or Deletion of Matter from Drawing

807.14(b): Addition or Deletion of Previously Registered Matter

807.14(c): Addition or Deletion of Punctuation

807.14(d): Amendments to Correct "Internal Inconsistencies"

807.14(e): Amendments to Color Features of Marks

807.14(e)(i): Black-and-White Drawings

807.14(e)(ii): Marks that Include Color and Other Elements

807.14(e)(iii): Color Marks

807.14(f): Material Alteration:  Case References

807.15: Substitute Drawings

807.16: Amendment of Drawings by the USPTO

807.17: Procedures for Processing Unacceptable Amendments to Drawings

807.18: Mark Drawing Code

808: Description of Mark

808.01: Guidelines for Requiring Description

808.01(a): Meaning of Term in Mark

808.01(b): Lining and Stippling Statements for Drawings

808.02: Description Must Be Accurate and Concise

808.03: Examination Procedure for Descriptions

808.03(a): Accurate and Complete Descriptions

808.03(b): No Description in Application

808.03(c): Accurate but Incomplete Description in Application or Amendment

808.03(c)(i): Accurate but Incomplete Descriptions in Cases Where a Description Is Needed to Clarify the Mark and Must Be Printed

808.03(c)(ii): Accurate but Incomplete Descriptions in Cases Where a Description Need Not Be Printed

808.03(d): Inaccurate Description in Application or Amendment

808.03(e): Amending Descriptions

808.03(f): Updating Design Coding

808.03(g): Unacceptable Statements in Mark Descriptions

809: Translation and Transliteration of Non-English Wording in Mark

809.01: Examining Applications for Marks Comprising Non-English Wording that Do Not Include an Accurate Translation or Transliteration

809.01(a): Inquiry/Applicant’s Response Regarding Meaning in a Foreign Language

809.01(b): Limited Exceptions to Rules for Translations

809.01(b)(i): Foreign Terms Appearing in English Dictionary

809.01(b)(ii): Foreign Articles or Prepositions Combined with English Terms

809.01(b)(iii): Words from Dead or Obscure Languages

809.02: Equivalency in Translation

809.03: Printing of Translations and Transliterations

810: Filing Fee

810.01: Collection of Fees for Multiple Classes

810.02: Refunds

811: Designation of Domestic Representative

812: Identification of Prior Registrations of Applicant

812.01: Proving Ownership of Prior Registrations

813: Consent to Register by Particular Living Individual Whose Name or Likeness Appears in the Mark

813.01: Statement Printed in Official Gazette and on Registration Certificate

813.01(a): Name or Likeness Is That of a Living Individual

813.01(b): Name or Likeness Is Not That of a Living Individual

813.01(c): Updating the Trademark Database

814: Requesting Additional Information

815: Application Filed on Supplemental Register

815.01: Marks Eligible for Principal Register Not Registrable on Supplemental Register

815.02: Elements Required

815.03: Filing on Supplemental Register Is Not an Admission That the Mark Has Not Acquired Distinctiveness

815.04: Basis for Refusal of Registration of Matter That Is Incapable

816: Amending Application to Supplemental Register

816.01: How to Amend

816.02: Effective Filing Date

816.03: Amendment to Different Register

816.04: Amendment After Refusal

816.05: Amendment After Decision on Appeal

817: Preparation of Application for Publication or Registration

818: Application Checklist

819: TEAS Plus

819.01: TEAS Plus Filing Requirements

819.01(a): Type of Mark

819.01(b): Applicant’s Name and Address

819.01(c): Applicant’s Legal Entity and Citizenship

819.01(d): Name and Address for Paper Correspondence

819.01(e): E-mail Address and Authorization for the USPTO to Send Correspondence by E-Mail

819.01(f): Basis or Bases for Filing

819.01(f)(i): Section 1(a) - Use in Commerce

819.01(f)(ii): Section 1(b) - Intent to Use

819.01(f)(iii): Section 44(e) - Foreign Registration

819.01(f)(iv): Section 44(d)

819.01(g): Identification and Classification of Goods/Services

819.01(h): Filing Fee

819.01(i): Drawing

819.01(j): Color Claim

819.01(k): Description of the Mark

819.01(l): Verification

819.01(m): Translation and/or Transliteration

819.01(n): Multiple-Class Applications

819.01(o): Consent to Registration of Name or Portrait

819.01(p): Prior Registration of the Same Mark

819.01(q): Concurrent Use Applications

819.02: Additional Requirements for a TEAS Plus Application

819.02(a): Receipt of Communications by E-Mail

819.02(b): Additional Documents That Must be Filed Through TEAS

819.03: Adding a Class During Examination

819.04: Procedures for Payment of TEAS Plus Processing Fee Per Class

820: TEAS RF (Reduced Fee)

820.01: TEAS RF Filing Requirements

820.02: Additional Requirements for a TEAS RF Application

820.02(a): Receipt of Communications by E-Mail

820.02(b): Additional Documents That Must be Filed Through TEAS

820.03: Adding a Class During Examination

820.04: Procedures for Payment of TEAS RF Processing Fee Per Class