TMEP 803.02: Name of Applicant

This is the October 2015 Edition of the TMEP

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803.02    Name of Applicant

The name of the applicant should be set out in its correct legal form. For example, a corporate applicant should be identified by the name set forth in the articles of incorporation.

If the applicant’s legal name includes the assumed name under which it does business, an assumed name designation should be used to connect the actual name with the assumed name. Assumed name designations include “d.b.a.” (doing business as), “a.k.a.” (also known as), and “t.a.” (trading as). The particular assumed name designation used is optional. Only the abbreviation of the assumed name designation will be printed in the Official Gazette and on the certificate of registration. If an applicant gives the assumed name designation in full, the abbreviation will automatically be used for printing purposes.