TMEP 803.02(a): Individual

October 2017 Edition of the TMEP

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803.02(a)    Individual

If the applicant is an individual person who is doing business under an assumed business name, the individual’s name should be set forth, followed by an assumed name designation (e.g., d.b.a., a.k.a., or t.a.) and by the assumed business name.

If an individual indicates that he or she is doing business under a corporate designation (e.g., Corporation, Corp., Incorporated, Inc., Limited, Ltd.), the USPTO will presume that relevant state law permits such a practice.  The assumed name will be printed on the registration certificate.

If the application reflects an inconsistency between the owner name and the entity type as to whether a corporation or an individual owns the mark, the examining attorney must require the applicant to clarify the record regarding ownership (e.g., if the name of an individual appears as the applicant, but the entity is listed as a corporation, or if a business is named as the applicant but the entity is listed as an individual).  However, in view of the broad definition of a "person properly authorized to sign on behalf of the owner" in 37 C.F.R. §2.193(e)(1) ( see TMEP §§611.03(a), 804.04), the fact that the title of the person signing an application refers to a different entity is not in itself considered an inconsistency between owner and entity type that would warrant an inquiry as to who owns the mark.

See TMEP §803.03(a) for information about identifying an individual applicant’s entity type, and TMEP §§803.06 and 1201.02(c) regarding USPTO policies regarding correction of an applicant’s name and entity type.